The Things You Blog About Before You Shower

I'll probably not elaborate on any of these.

Bright spots: reading, mini quiches, lunch with the girls in a bar with a baby, finishing a story, starting a story, submitting a story, receiving a story from someone else, having a dream I lived in a gigantic old house with Julian Zugazagoitia (the foxy new director of the Nelson-Atkins), new blender, new table, clean house, writing so I can get out of myself (yeah, yeah, I know--ugh), being recognized for one of my stories last month, still being in love with Josh after all these years.

Burnt spots: a story rejection, snow, snow, snow, possibly freaking out a friend with an honest compliment, early episodes of the Twilight Zone, working out till my body's sore, broken new blender, lumpy hummus, blogging when I have nothing worth blogging about.

Kinda crispy spots: my last paycheck from the museum, renewed toska, French.

Anyway, it's Friday and that's great. I'll get drunk tonight, I think. Pick my poison? If you pick wine or bourbon, you can be my drinking buddy. If you pick beer, yeah, that's more than fine too.